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Greeting in 2011
Teach Chemistry SAT2,Honor Chemistry,AP Chemistry&Chemistry Olympia.

I truely congratulate my students who got great score in 2010.You guys did a great job.I'm very proud of you.

My students in Chemistry Olympia 2010:
22 students entered national top20. Many entered National Top50&Top100.

My students in AP Chemistry Exam:
More than 90% of my students got 5.

My students in SAT2 Chemistry Test:
23 students got 800(perfect score).92% of my students got higher than 760.

For those who'll take my class from summer 2011,see you very soon.For those who have not registered,if you are interested,please register ASAP.Since I only open few classes this year,there are only few seats left.

I enjoy teaching & seeing kids grow intellectually.Many of my students enrolled in many prestigious universities.Please find the best teacher for your kid.Don't gamble kid's education.There is only 1 childhood before entering university.

Pai Lein
Former Diamond Bar High School Chemistry teacher
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